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On enrolment we will introduce ourselves to new members & parents, we can receive your application form & payment and answer any of your questions about any aspect of the classes, grading and competitions further down the line.
Applictaion forms are available by clicking on the link above.  You can print & complete the application form and bring this along on the day.

Class times
Members are required to attend 2 classes weekly

Class 1
Monday 6pm - 6:55pm
Monday 7pm - 7:55pm
Tuesday 6pm - 6:55pm

Class 2.
This will be your sparring class, there are 3 possibilities for this depending on what day & time suits best.
Wednesday 6pm - 6:55pm
Thursday 7pm - 7:55pm
Friday 6pm - 6:55pm

What do I need to start?
You should wear loose, comfortable clothes to class (tracksuit, t-shirt etc.)
Taekwon Do is practised in bare feet, shoes are fobidden on the mats in our Dojang (Training hall)
Make sure you take off all jewellery including watches before training.
Only soft bands should be used to tie back long hair, no pins, clips or hard hairbands as these may increase the possibility of injury.

Always bring a bottle of water, a hand towel and plenty of enthusiasm!


Application form

Student manual.pdf



Membership application web consent.pdf

Beginers Class Enrolling

Junior members 7 to 12 years

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