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Sparring  Equipment

Only ITF approved sparring equipment may be worn for sparring classes and in tournaments.

All members should have the equimpment listed below.

1. Head Gaurd

2. Hand Pads

Fingers & Thumbs must be enclosed

Palms must be visible

(Boxing gloves are not permitted)

3. Foot pads

Toes & heels must be covered

4. Mouth gaurd

All the above equipment must NOT contain any hard materials (Plastics, metal etc)

5. Groin Gaurd (Males only)

Must be worn under the dobuk trousers

Members may also optionally wear shin pads

Where do I get my sparring gear

There is a vast selection of equipment available today, however these may not all meet ITF regulations.  Before ordering any gear check with your Instructor that it will be suitable.

Alternatively, there is a link below to TopPro Sports where you can order sparring equipment.

TopPro Sports: Click HERE