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INTA National Championships 2018
Gormanstown Park
October 20th

The 2017 INTA National Championships will be held at Gormanston park, County Meath on Saturday 20th October.

This promises to be a great event and a great opportunity to meet people & make friends from other schools,  also to test your skills against new opponents.

Patters competition is open to all members from 9th kup and above
Sparring competition is from 8th kup and above.
There is also a power breaking event for all senior black belt competitors & Special technique (Overhead kick) for all competitors aged 13 & under

The competition will be run under I.T.F. rules, with divisions for male and female, senior and junior, colour belt and black belt.

Tournament Information

Full details for the competition Venue,divisions and competitor forms are available in the Dojang