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Welcome to the Portarlington Taekwon Do School web site.

We have regular grading,  Seminars, National and International Competitions.

If you have no experience in Taekwon do, we have classes for beginners of all ages.

If you have practiced Taekwon Do in the past and would like to get back into training,  You can join back and even maintain the last grade that you held.

At Portarlington Taekwon Do School we have Classes which cater for children from ages 5 to 7 years in our Port Dragons Programme and for Children from 8 years through to Adult.

All Classes are supervised by qualified ITF Black belt Instructors

Master Nigel Stobie, VII Degree The Chief Instructor of Portarlington Taekwon Do School has more than 28 years experience in Taekwon Do.

Portarlington Taekwon Do School is a member of the Irish National Taekwon Do Association (I.N.T.A.) & The International Taekwon Do Federation (I.T.F.)

Recent News

Jee Goo & Brooklodge Friendly
7thb April 2018
Full info & entry forms are available

Instructor & Technical Course
The next ITC will be held in Beaumont Taekwon-do School in Dublin on 14th & 15th April.

This is open to all graded members on Saturday 14th, Only Red & black belts on Sunday 15th.

Full info is available at the dojang.

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